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My testimonials are genuine and the originals are keep on file for authentication purposes. Names are be withheld to maintain Client confidentiality.

“Sarah provided me with an invaluable tool box of strategies to deal with my anxieties when they were particularly acute. I found her approach of one to one sessions backed up with notes to take away and refer to when I was struggling at home really helped me get back on track and keep a lid on my anxiety.” LS Thame

“Before I came to see Sarah I was in a terrible state, I had such bad anxiety that I couldn’t walk my dog 20 meters down the road, or spend time with family and friends, I had no life. I spent about 2 years stuck in a hole that I couldn’t see a way out of. I didn’t even want help as I had given up on life and thought I would never be my authentic self again.
My mother managed to persuade me to give it a try. I made a little progress in the first 2 sessions, which gave me a lot of hope. I was given lots of techniques to deal with my anxiety throughout my day and they were easy to do and actually worked! I had 4 more sessions and by the end of my 6th session I felt almost myself again. The different types of therapy worked great for me and Sarah is so comfortable to be around and I felt like I had a friend that I could talk to about anything without being judged.
Now, a month later, I have even more confidence then ever and it is a miracle to go from who I was before to who I am now. I couldn’t have done it without my sessions with Sarah. Anytime I had a setback I could text or call and she would be there with advice. Sarah told me that she believed I was ready to carry on without her, which shows you she isn’t out for your money and actually cares about you. I recommend her to anyone suffering from mental health issues.”  DB, Aylesbury

“I had some sessions with Sarah whilst I was dealing with insomnia and they helped me greatly. What I liked most about Sarah’s approach is her diversity. Whilst having hypnosis sessions with her, she also taught me some powerful techniques that I could use on my own to help deal with my phobia. Sarah is a lovely, warm-hearted person and I always felt completely at ease with her. It has almost been six months since I started therapy and my phobia of not sleeping has completely gone. I still use Sarah’s techniques to this day. Thank you, Sarah! You have given me the most amazing tools to bring me out of a really dark place. I feel like a completely different person.”
HS, Risborough

“After my first session with Sarah, I instinctively knew that her approach would help me. By digging deep into traumatic areas, Sarah helped me to understand my behaviour and gave me the answers and guidance that I needed. Sarah enabled me to clear my mind and move forward. She has given me a virtual toolbox when facing stressful situations. Most importantly (for me) Sarah has given me the confidence to realise that I have great qualities and I’m actually quite proud of what I have achieved. Thank you for being on my journey during what was a very difficult time in my life. Always grateful.”
MG, Booker

“I had BWRT® 6 weeks ago and have not smoked a single cigarette. I was sceptical at first, but – EXCELLENT RESULTS – LIFE CHANGING.”
JA, Princes Risborough

“I am feeling very well at the moment and sleeping very well and not taking any sleeping pills or likewise. I have taken trips with our children and have coped very well. The big test is yet to come when I go on holidays with them, but I feel positive about that. Also I would like to thank you for helping me to feel a lot better with the problems.” BK, Hughenden Valley

““I was so worried about getting treatment for my issues, but you were so supportive and caring. In the end not only you help me solved my problems, but I really enjoyed our sessions together.”
Miss LF, Aylesbury

“I felt so alone, even my GP was being unhelpful in supporting me with my problems.  Luckily through a chance meeting I met Sarah Brambleby who was able to really listen to me and my issues.  She was brilliant at getting to the heart of my problems and together we worked them through.  Now I’m feeling so much more confident in tacking life’s little ups and downs and this is all thanks to Sarah!”
S David, Thame

“I’m feeling so much better and emotionally the improvement has been phenomenal. Thank you so, so much.”
Mrs H, Thame