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Over 90% of websites don’t work….

Would you build a house without an architect or a plan?

Too many business owners rush into a new website without first assessing the potential risk of going with the wrong provider. Before you even engage a web designer or developer there is often more work needed to provide essential information.  For example do you have:

  • Business plan with clear business goals?
  • Marketing strategy?
  • Knowledge about your specific market or ideal client?
  • Written value proposition?
  • Any evidence / credibility?

I’m not suggesting you need all these elements with loads of information, it should be appropriate to the size and complexity of your business. It makes me sick to my stomach just how many people have lost thousands of pounds putting their trust in the hands of so called experts and have paid a very heavy price.  Wasting not only money, but your time and the stress/frustration of having to live with it until you can afford to do something else. So can you afford to make a mistake?

So what is the missing link – ‘me’ of course a marketing consultant.  Your website needs to not only attract visitors, but keep them long enough to convert them into buyers and that is a specialist skill you need on your side.  We play a vital role acting as an advocate for the client, providing the right level of advice and support, to help with any areas of work and appropriate actions needed.

Together with my trusted business partners we can provide a one-stop shop that can help you to create an affordable professional website or support your marketing needs.  Call Sarah on 07734104421 for more information or a FREE 30 minutes consultation.



Do you need help with a new website?

  • Does technology confuse you? 
  • Is your website old & ineffective?
  • Does the social media revolution scare you?

I help clients gather the requirements for the design brief for both the graphic designer and web developer.  Using my expertise to make sure that the website will be effective for the market its being designed for and to best promote the products and / or services, creating the right selling environment.

Website Pre-design Consultation benefits clients by:

  • I act as an advocate for the client, leading them through the process with their chosen suppliers
  • We work through all the options for design, layout, images and website tools available within budget
  • Review the marketing strategy to maximise one of your most important marketing assets
  • Provide support and advice on affordable web solutions
  • Project Management is available working with all the suppliers and to assist with creative discussions throughout the process.

“Sarah provides Navitas Design with creative marketing not only in-house but also for our clients. We have worked on many projects together and I highly recommend Sarah to work with my clients prior to the design brief. This enables them to forward think about how their websites work over and above the visual and social media elements.”

Lorraine Cheney, WordPress Web Developer, Buckingham

Is your website converting visitors into customers?

One of the biggest mistakes many small business owners make is spending money on a new website and then providing their own copy content. It  takes specialist techniques and skill to communicate your  business values and benefits to produce market focused messages using the appropriate  key words for search engines. It is a false ecomony to spend all that money on a professional looking website, but not set aside what is a relatively small budget to make sure your website will work effectively  to convert visitors into customers.