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New Testimonial – Traumatic Grief

New! “I contacted Sarah in desperation. Having never dealt with or experienced any form of mental health issues, I was terrified. I was in an extremely bad way. A friend of a friend recommended Sarah and I obtained her telephone number. I rang the number, expecting to leave a voicemail for her to contact me in the morning, and to my surprised she answered. I couldn’t believe she answered me, and was so warm and calm whilst I was so vulnerable. She asked me to describe my issues briefly, which I did and she reassured me despite my initial inner cynic. (Having never experienced mental health issues).

I honestly felt as though there was something wrong with me, which was going to then be permanent for the rest of my life. I thought that no one would be able to help me and was at a point whereby, I didn’t want wake up in the morning.

I started working with Sarah. My first session, I remember my body language, and I was so closed. How a stranger can be so strong and trying to try their upmost to get me to open up; I look back now and think how amazing she was. Sarah got me to open up, and start talking about my issues and feelings. I was absolutely distraught and at my wits end with everything. I couldn’t function with day to day life through trauma and grief.

Sarah and I continued to work together, I believe for over a year. Sarah taught me and trained me to enable me to assure myself with BWRT Therapy and Havening Techniques. I have learnt to deal with my trauma and have processed it through her guidance and her patience. She hit the nail on the head with my issues extremely quickly and assisted me with processing them. This wasn’t just in weekly sessions, but whenever I needed. 

I cannot recommend Sarah enough. Sarah saved me life, my relationship and my sanity. Thank you Sarah. They’re no amount of words that will ever be able to describe what you did for me and I will be forever grateful.” RM Northamptonshire