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Sokalmia® Training-16/9/2017

Sokalmia® Training with Malika Stephenson in North London.

Stress and Trauma Resolution Therapist, Sokalmia® Trainer & Mindfulness Coach.

Co-hosted with Sarah Brambleby, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor & Coach.

Saturday 16th September, 2017
9.30am to 4.30pm
De Vere Theobalds Estate, Lieutenant Ellis Way
Chestnut, Hertfordshire, EN7 5HW.

Sokalmia® sounds like it’s “So Calm Here” – is an acronym for Sensory Overloaded Kinesthetic Auditory Linguistic Mindfulness In Action.
The process has been created by Malika who was seeking a technique that quickly and without re-traumatising, got straight to the root of any issue and resolved it.
Using a variety of methods that Malika evolved from over 16 years of professional experience of working with the most dissociated and traumatised, Sokalmia® has been specifically designed to deliver the full package including:
1. Defining the actual issue.
2. Brain activity and using metaphor
3. Harnessing this knowledge for “individually focused” solutions
4. Implementing the process to resolve
Deceptively easy to deliver and yet with an incredibly complex background, Sokalmia® Training gives Practitioners a sound, evidence based process to work with anxiety, trauma, dissociation, fear amongst many, many other issues. And it’s FUN!
Sokalmia® Training has been provided to GP’s, Psychologists, Social Workers, Independent Therapists and Coaches, Health Services workers and more. Details via Eventbrite or

Come and join us for an innovative day of learning a technique that is both useful for clients and self.

Early Bird Price £145 available until Friday 18th August 2017. Limited Early Bird tickets available so get yours now to avoid disappointment.  Price will then be £260 from Friday 18th August.

Testimonials and Feedback from Delegates

“I loved this training. I would like ALL therapists to have this skill.”
“Definitely a valuable toolkit for all”
“It was a very interesting and informative course. The simplicity of the Sokalmia technique belied its effectiveness. Thank you.”
​”A fantastic training opportunity; innovative, evidence-based, effective. Delivered with support and expertise”
“Malika has a huge talent in making complex ideas & information understandable and simple to put into practice – a very valuable learning experience.”
“Can’t tell you what an enjoyable process it was. Some of the best training I’ve attended. Thank you!!”
“Loved the explanations along with everything else – a great range / variety of content. Relevant & fun. Thank you very much Malika.”
​”Great day and looking forward to exploring this further and using with my young people. Have definitely learnt some very useful techniques.”
“Smoothly integrated with how I work. What did I find most useful? – Hmmmm ….. ALL OF IT.”
“Malika has a wealth of expertise and delivers the training in engaging and interactive ways. Fantastic!”
“Great set of tools and new ways of thinking to add to my practice.”
“AMAZING – from your inspirational set up to the quality of information & delivery. Thank You.”
“Great day. Fab delivery style. Very informative and thought provoking. Would have been happy to have had an extra day or two!”
“Malika is a wonderful trainer who knows her subject inside and out and generously shares her wealth of knowledge. I love her ability to connect with myself and others in a very authentic way and look forward to training with her again.”