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Confused or frustrated with social media?

As a small business owner we often have to wear so many hats – we end up having to do jobs that we do not have any experience or expertise.  Is the answer to outsource or to learn how to do the role ourselves?  Only you can decide based upon need, financial ability or interest.  So how do we continue to deliver our products and or services and have enough time to do all this social media across our chosen platforms and to a decent quality and quantity?

It’s not easy particularly as not all social media activity achieves:

  1. Quality – in terms of giving useful hints, tips and news.
  2. Quantity – how will our messages be received – too much information and too often be a turn off.
  3. Authentic – be a support to our brand/image.

So how come we often get it either so wrong or not enough?

I do not hold myself up as an expert in this area – only that I understand what I’m doing and what the SM tools should do for any business.  My own frustration is one of bandwidth – the time to do my own social media and as often as I can to help my clients or to be useful to other SME’s.

So the answer has to be a combination of strategy and planning.  Also based upon the level of expertise it could require some training and facilitation.

  1. Decide on your Communication Strategy – This includes Social Media but you need to consider all the areas/vehicles for you communication e.g. email, newsletters, blog, website.
  2. Decide on the few communication vehicles/methods/tools – You do not need to do them all – so where are your target market or current clients.
  3. Plan your diary / or outsource – If you want your business to be successful you need to commit to communicate with your target market or existing clients.  So what is it to be?

If you need help and advice I work with Social Media experts that can help you and your business gain the right level of training or assistance.  Call Sarah on 07734104421 for more information.