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Over 90% of websites don’t work….

Would you build a house without an architect or a plan?

Too many business owners rush into a new website without first assessing the potential risk of going with the wrong provider. Before you even engage a web designer or developer there is often more work needed to provide essential information.  For example do you have:

  • Business plan with clear business goals?
  • Marketing strategy?
  • Knowledge about your specific market or ideal client?
  • Written value proposition?
  • Any evidence / credibility?

I’m not suggesting you need all these elements with loads of information, it should be appropriate to the size and complexity of your business. It makes me sick to my stomach just how many people have lost thousands of pounds putting their trust in the hands of so called experts and have paid a very heavy price.  Wasting not only money, but your time and the stress/frustration of having to live with it until you can afford to do something else. So can you afford to make a mistake?

So what is the missing link – ‘me’ of course a marketing consultant.  Your website needs to not only attract visitors, but keep them long enough to convert them into buyers and that is a specialist skill you need on your side.  We play a vital role acting as an advocate for the client, providing the right level of advice and support, to help with any areas of work and appropriate actions needed.

Together with my trusted business partners we can provide a one-stop shop that can help you to create an affordable professional website or support your marketing needs.  Call Sarah on 07734104421 for more information or a FREE 30 minutes consultation.