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Need help to strengthen your value proposition?

All too often essential steps are missed when developing a value proposition, which increases the risk of costly mistakes.  Strengthen your proposition by asking vital questions and take the time to make sure you include some competitive/market research.

I feel awful when my client’s admit just how much money they have wasted on their marketing and sales activities.  They didn’t stand a chance of working because they have missed out some of these essential questions:

  1. What product/service/solution you are proposing?
  2. What is different and/or unique about this offering?
  3. How will does this address a client’s pain or pleasure?
  4. Who are your target market (be as specific as possible)?
  5. How will it be priced and packaged?
  6. How does this compare with your key competitors?
  7. What are your routes to market (Direct/Indirect)?
  8. Do you have any evidence that this proposition is attractive and works?

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