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Everyone needs to know their personality type….

After studing and writing an essay on Carl Jung’s personality types recently for my counselling diploma course, I became very curious about Talent Dynamics personality system. Talent Dynamics is a profiling system for business development, improving communication and enhancing team performance.

I’ve been ‘profiled’ in the past in my corporate life, using systems such as Myres Briggs (MBTI) amongst others and had found them of limited use.  My TD profile come out as a ‘Star’ my core strengths being: Creative; outgoing; able to motivate and inspire others; quick to connect; holds the stage; high energy and knows how to have fun.  It was also a relief that it describes my best activities in the workplace to be: Marketing, promotion, sales leadership, presenting, leading out of crisis, motivation, starting new projects. It was very enlightening, enabling me to understand my strengths and also my weaknesses as individual and how to work best with others and in teams.

Last week I went on a one-day Talent Dynamics workshop with Sylvia Baldock. We learnt how to understand the TD Square and all its components, including the eight Talent profiles. Looking at the profiles strengths and weaknesses and about our secondary profiles also which best complement our own and identifying skills/expertise that we may need to help us or aid us in our various businesses.  An extremely useful part was learning about adding ‘value’ to my services and how to ‘leverage’ that value. Particularly relevant as I have been developing a number of strategic alliances this year.  Sylvia got us all so motivated and focused by getting us to work on identifying our goals and recognising any personal or business related blocks –  it feels so easy once you know how!  It doesn’t stop there as the TD learning journey continues…..

I can highly recommend Sylvia Baldock who is an inspirational Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant – her training is legendary in Athena Networking circles.  I found the workshop to be fun, stimulating and informative, working closely with inspiring, talented people it makes you face what you need to do to get yourself into the peak of ‘Flow’ for maximum performance.  Look out 2013…..