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NEW clients initial appointments may be delayed by 2-3 weeks.

Create change by using the power of your own mind….

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Hypnotherapy ButterflyHave you been traumatised by an extraordinary event?
  • Had any Adverse Childhood Experiences ACE’s?
  • Experience mood swings or feel stressed, anxious, fearful or depressed?
  • Are you feeling stuck/trapped, overwhelmed or out of control?
  • Have you lost a loved one, feel stuck in a grief cycle or been recently diagnosed with a critical illness?
  • Suffering with sleep issues, phobias or a lack of confidence?
  • Experiencing a challenging relationship, sexual difficulties or going through a separation or divorce?
  • Have OCD, intrusive thoughts, feelings or behaviours?
  • Has Covid created a Health Anxiety or have suffered a sudden unexpected bereavement?
  • Have you experienced baby loss, miscarriage or have fertility issues?
  • Do you want to give up or change a habit, or stop smoking?
  • Have you had suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts or self harmed?
  • Want help but only on a single issue?
  • NEW! Certified Trauma Informed Clinical Supervision available for Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, integrative therapists.

Please do Contact Me by email for further information or to book an initial FREE 30 minutes no obligation consultation. NB. I only work with adults and young people over 16 years old. 

Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Havening Techniques, BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, Trauma Specialist in Princes Risborough area, South Buckinghamshire.

If you’re struggling with a problem, you’ve probably spent literally years living with it and to fix it can seem like mission impossible. Don’t worry as its never too late, so many problems can be resolved once you are committed to change.  

I offer a professional, confidential, caring and supportive private mental health service for Adults and young people over 16 years old.  My private clinic is based near Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire provides a large comfortable, safe and non-judgemental environment. I aim to empower my clients by building on their own strengths and internal resources to grow more resilience for life’s challenges. Additionally, I also provide self help sheets with useful tips, tools and techniques, creating a virtual toolbox that can improve emotional wellbeing for everyday life.

In 2014, I became fascinated by the neuroscience and neurobiology of trauma, how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) changes the landscape of the brain, which increases the risks for mental and or physical illness, disease later in life.

Contrary to popular belief, trauma is much more common and comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Dr Ronald Ruden’s ground breaking work (author of ‘When the Past is Always Present’ 2010) provides a scientific understanding of trauma which is a different memory process and the memory is stuck in place with a sticky substance and cannot be updated unlike our normal memory function. So we cannot ‘just get a grip and get over it’ but with new healing modalities, we can delink to remove the distress using Havening Techniques, or create a preferred response using BWRT

There are different types of trauma acute, chronic and complex. Trauma isn’t what happens to you, but how you respond to the situation, which can be both experienced or witnessed or even from a story told by a caregiver or from films, books etc. Acute trauma stems from a single dangerous or stressful experience. Chronic trauma develops through exposure to multiple stressful events or situations. Complex trauma describes both children’s or adult’s exposure to multiple traumatic events as well as any long-term effects of this exposure.

Long after the distressing event has passed, the nervous system can still remember a traumatic memory, which is like an open wound that hasn’t been allowed to heal. That can leave people in a more vulnerable state for years, feeling hypervigilant, anxious, stressed, depressed, dissociative or numb.  With increased emotional distress for example acute feeling of shame, guilt, angry, rage, regret, overwhelmed, panic, fearful etc.

With new advances in neuroscience and psychosensory treatments, we now have the ability to release the distress of traumatic memories. Unlike older traditional techniques like counselling, CBT and Mindfulness which often struggles to release the roots of the deep-seated emotional distress and the somatic body’s responses including the autonomic nervous system.  

Being trauma informed I believe is essential to effectively work with the mind and the body’s connection. The Polyvagal theory which defines the way that the Vagal Nerve reacts to the experiences and its role in safety as the Autonomic Nervous System regulates the responses.

“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and under treated cause of human suffering.”  Peter Levine

What Is a Trauma-Informed Therapist?

A trauma-informed therapist’s approach understands the adverse impacts of trauma, life experiences and distressing memories. I have a number of effective trauma treatments for recovery. We can more easily recognise the signs and symptoms and use a compassionate approach, which minimises re-traumatisation. It also helps prioritise treatment, as trauma can keep you stuck or trapped in the past no matter how old it is.

The priority for trauma recovery is to re-establish feelings of safety first and to grow more stability throughout the following sessions. If you have found traditional mental health services have not helped you, it may indicate that your issues have a basis in trauma or Adverse Childhood Experiences.

“Trauma is a psychic wound that hardens you psychologically that then interferes with your ability to grow and develop. It pains you and now you’re acting out of pain. It induces fear and now you’re acting out of fear. Trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.”  Dr Gabor Maté 

Introducing two modern neuroscience based therapies, they both work with how the brain actually functions working on the psychological processes.

Havening Techniques® and BWRT® have both revolutionised my practice. As we all have Neuroplasticity which is the brain’s own ability to learn, change and adapt. Through Neuroplasticity, the brain is consistently rewiring itself and modifying its connections. It can reorganize itself both in structure and how it functions. Without neuroplasticity, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things that make us human. This includes learning, developing, and forming memories.

In my experience these newer therapies achieves a rapid and more permanent result for the client and sometimes even within one session, helping the client to achieve a better and happier life.  Being relatively new therapies, means we do not have lots of the clinical evidence yet, however from the data we have already collected, both of these wonderful techniques will be here for a very long time to come.

Over the last decade or so, there has been an amazing growth of clinical research studies and the results have increased and underpinned our understanding of Neuroscience and neurobiology, particularly of trauma and the mind-body connection (Flight, Fight, Freeze survival mechanisms). These newer therapies do not rely on growing just your cognitive understanding to change emotional responses or behaviours, or even in some cases changes your belief.

I work flexibly, so it is entirely up to you how long we work together and the frequency between sessions, as there are no fixed number its based on when you feel better. Usually you can expect a minimum of three, however it can longer if it is more complex.

“Our brains continually form maps of the world, maps of what is safe and what is dangerous.” Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Sarah relaxed

Sarah Brambleby, Dip Hyp CS, Dip CS, Ad. Dip CP Accredited Bodies: MHS (Accred), MNCS (Accred), MAPHP, CNHC Reg


My name is Sarah Brambleby and I am a experienced and fully insured Accredited Hypnotherapist, Accredited Psychotherapeutic CounsellorCertified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, BWRT® Certified Practitioner, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Certified Trauma Informed Clinical Supervisor.   I am registered with the AVR – Accredited Voluntary Register and a member of several accredited bodies.  I am trained in the latest advances in psychology, psychotherapy and psycho-sensory techniques. I work with a wide range of issues but especially with anxiety in all its forms, depression, stress, complex trauma, PTSD, confidence, IBS, OCD and sleeping difficulties.

I use an integration of techniques to tailor treatment to the individual client’s issues and their goals for therapy. The integrative therapeutic approach will consist of Counselling, Hypnotherapy, (including hypno-analysis and regression) Havening Techniques®, BWRT®, CBT, EFT, Mindfulness and Coaching.

“For every obstacle there is a solution – over, under, around or through.”
Dan Zadra

Centrally based in the heart of the Chilterns is my clinic called Therapy Re-Imagined Clinic in Longwick, there is free parking. The clinic is situated in Longwick just outside of Princes Risborough and conveniently near Thame, Chinnor, Aylesbury and High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire on the borders of Oxfordshire.

Clinic Opening Hours in 2023 (are subject to change):

Monday 11am-8pm, Tuesdays 10am-6pm, Wednesday 10am-6pm, Thursday 11am-8pm

Please see my testimonials page, the testimonials are genuine and the originals are keep on file for authentication purposes. Names are be withheld to maintain Client confidentiality.

Fees – 2023

Please see my Fees page for more information.  Full initial consultation, assessment and first therapy session will be offered at a discount of £97 for 2 hours. Following sessions are £80 for 1 hour.  (NB. Fees stated for 2023 and are subject to change).

New for 2023!  New clients will need to pay in advance to secure their booking by Credit/Debit cards (Refunds are available in line with the 48 hour cancellation policy). For corporate, business clients please let me know if you need an invoice. NB. Concession rates are available for hardship circumstances for example students or pensioners you just have to ask. 48 hour Cancellation Fees apply.


Abuse / Addiction / Anger / Anxiety / Baby Loss / Bereavement / Binge Eating and Drinking / Birth Trauma / Cancer Support / Child Bereavement / Coaching / Complex Trauma / Confidence / Death and Dying / Depression / Emotional Balancing / Fears / Fertility Issues / Free Floating Anxiety / GAD / Grief & Loss / Growing Resilience Training / Habits / Health Anxiety / IBS / Infertility / Insecurity / Insomnia / Intrusive Thoughts / Life Coaching / Low Self Esteem, Self Worth / Mindfulness / Miscarriage / Motivation / OCD / Pain Management / Panic Attacks / Performance Management / Personal Development / Phobias / Procrastination / Professional Presenting or Speaking issues / PTSD / Psychosexual Disorders / Regression / Relationship Issues / Relaxation / Sexual Abuse / Sexual Difficulties / Social Anxiety / Sleep issues / Stop Smoking / Stress Management / Suicide or Suicidal Ideation / Trauma / Traumatic Grief or Loss / Wellness.

Please Note – that it is often necessary to contact your GP or medical consultant, to get their agreement before we start work together for any physical conditions, pain control, sleep issues etc. The psychological processes that are sometimes the cause of physical conditions like IBS, talking therapies can greatly reduce or even alleviate the resultant anxiety and discomfort.

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Safe Practice

I am fully qualified in Hypnotherapy, Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counselling skills and Trauma Informed Clinical Supervisor.

  • Registered with AVR
  • Accredited member with National Hypnotherapy Society (MHS)
  • Accredited member with National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS)
  • Registered with Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) – Hypnotherapy
  • Member with The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (MAPHP) 
  • Fully Insured and have Supervision
  • QNUK Level 3 award Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) 30/9/21 valid for 3 years
  • Regular Continual Professional Development to keep up to date with best practice and increase my range of skills.

    National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS)




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